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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

What inspires me to begin a new piece of work?  Often I am inspired when I am hired to do a commission. I am always so honored to create a piece that means something to someone else.  However, my current work, titled Protection, was born in between projects. It came to me when I was enjoying the beautiful book, Anatomy For The Artist by Sarah Simblet.  I was drawn immediately to the  image on the right.

At first I was unclear why there was such a connection to this particular torso photo.

Little did I know that in 2 weeks I would receive an abnormal Mammogram report. And then a biopsy.  Oh my, that waiting game is down right painful.  Finally, the results were in...I was relieved; just not completely finished.  Fortunately, all is benign.  I have some a typical cells needing to be removed. Scary but not life threatening. I am thankful and optimistic this is nothing but a small bump in the road. I am invited to be grateful for all that is well.

What is most striking about this body of work is how I was intuitively attracted to THIS torso.  In retrospect I wonder about the attraction? Did I sense  something needed my attention? Was I feeling vulnerable and needed protection; hence her arms wrapped around her body?   Are these coincidences or callings?

I don't have the answers: only my suspicions and the willingness to be quiet enough to hear these whispers.  What is trying to get your attention? Does it come through in your art form? Are you quiet and still enough to hear your own intuitive whispers??

Wishing you love, peace and inspiration, Katie

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