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Welcome: A Safe Haven for Creatives


Welcome to my first blog post.

I want this to be a refuge for artists to speak their truth, to share stories, to be honest and learn from one another.

I know I struggle with vulnerability. It takes courage to put your art out there in the world for all to exam.

When I do it feels like a part of me is just sitting there, raw and exposed for all to view.

I used to not even be able to speak about my work. Many acquaintances for years did not realize I was a sculptor.

I have become braver with practice, but it has not been easy.

I just finished writing"My Story", which can be found under my About page. If you want to know more about my artist journey, I invite you to check it out.

In short, what you will learn is that it has been a long road learning to listen to my SELF.

I am recently an Empty Nester. My husband and I dropped my daughter, Lila off at College in North Carolina a few weeks ago.

While those first few days without her were terribly painful, I am settling into having more time for myself and my sculpture.

It feels like a new door has opened, ironically very similar to the feeling I had after giving birth to my first born, Jake.

Only this time I am creating a space for my life...

I am still not sure what this will look like. But, I do know a few things for sure... I know I am passionate about clay and the human form alive with its emotions and feelings.

I know that life is not always easy. I know that I am blessed with a lot of people in my life who love, support and believe in me.

I know I am eager to grow, learn, share my art and help others do the same.

I hope you will follow me on this crazy, wonderful journey called Life.

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